Livia Corsetti Fashion Polly

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Fabulous nighty Livia Corsetti Fashion Polly, made of black elastic material, lay neatly on the body. Unusual sewing each returns a look at the intricate elements of T-shirts, like satin ribbon cut-off T-shirt under the breasts, the front decorated with sequin heart symbol on the back tied to a bow from which go a long, shiny tape. Bust of black tulle and fancy decoration, acting as a border shirts from the top. Between cups eye-catching oval notch, tied a black ribbon. Shirt with thin, adjustable straps, draped downwards, nicely emphasizes the shapes of buttocks and hips. Includes sensual thong panties type.


90% Polyamide

10% Spandex

Will be shipped within 5 day(s). Shipped through USPS to US residents.


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